Wedding video: our tips for making the film of your life

Everyone says it: Special Day goes at a crazy speed. To enjoy a little more of this day, find the emotions lived and keep an eternal memory, a film is much more alive than photos. Following are our tips to achieve it.

How to choose a videographer?

Of course, to be sure of a successful video, the ideal is to seek the services of a professional. Today, many of them are proposing formulas. Some can make film with a drone, that’s what an original wedding! That said, the call to a professional has a cost: from 500 to more than 1000 Euros depending on the region. The intermediate solution can be the semi-professional: a student, a very talented amateur, or a videographer who is just starting out in the profession. You can get service in about 300 Euros.

If you have a small budget, nothing, the best is to ask your relatives to make your wedding film. Thus, in case of failure, you will have the images of another camera. They will probably only shoot people they know, so try to take videographers from different circles of relatives to have everyone in the video. Of course, you will have to give some preliminary advice to your videographers for wedding video in France.

Tips for the videographer

First, start by explaining to your amateur videographers what you expect from them. Choose a person who will collect all the images and put them together. Also remember to provide cameras and batteries in duplicate in case of technical concern. Videographers should be trained a little before wedding day to avoid unpleasant surprises. Showing them around the ceremony and reception can also help them prepare.

In order not to miss the film, it is important that the videographers do not remain static using only the zoom. Tell them that you need them to move, that they change plans regularly. Then, detail with them the moments that seem to you the most important, the ones you do not want them to miss. Often, in important moments like at the entry of the bride in the church or the town hall, the guests want to take photos and stand in front of your photographers or cameramen.

Moments not to be missed at a wedding

Three moments seem inescapable to make a beautiful wedding video. Often zapped by the amateurs, the preparations for the marriage can however become a beautiful and long sequence. Especially since the guests do not attend these moments, yet charged with emotions! You do not know how it goes on the side of your dear. To film this moment, you need at least two cameramen, one with the bride, the other with the groom.

Beyond these three magical moments, we can also add images of the guests who are waiting for the bride and groom at the church or the town hall and the sequences of the reception of honor. Why not bet on interviews with relatives at that time?

Wedding video: share it with guests

If you have hired a professional, he will provide you with a DVD of your wedding film. Depending on the formula chosen, he can even provide you with several. Check with him beforehand the format in which he will give you the images and if it will be possible to make copies that you can offer to your loved ones. If they are close friends who took care of the video and its editing, you will have the choice between making copies of the DVD or sharing the content on a Cloud. Convenient for everyone to access!


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