Tips for Successful Back to School

On your marks, ready, go…. For the start! With a new school year come new expectations, new teachers, new opportunities and challenges, and maybe even a new school. As much for parents as for children, back to school is a chance to learn and grow together. After all, parents play a key role in their child’s academic success!

To help you and your child succeed in your school year, we share with you some tips for each stage of education:

Get ready and do not forget the handkerchiefs for the very first stage of your child’s schooling: the first day of school! It’s ok if you need the handkerchiefs just by thinking about it, they were made for you. It is common for both parents and children to feel excited and nervous in the weeks and days before the first day of school. So, to make sure everything goes smoothly, here are some tips to help you get ready for the first day of school recommended by International Kindergarden.

Prepare for kindergarten: to make reading a daily activity. Use this time to identify letters, words, and numbers and make connections. Your children will be much more comfortable exploring new concepts and ideas in the classroom with confidence at home. There are also a number of free kindergarten prep applications that make learning fun.

Work out your morning routine: go empty or get used to the bus ride (the place where you will wait for the bus together and wait for them when they return) so that your children know what to expect. Visit the school and its surroundings. Habits acquired through practice will help you build confidence and reduce potential apprehension.

Get organized the day before: as the morning rarely goes as planned, prepare everything you can the day before. You can prepare lunch, dinner and snacks, their school bags, and most importantly, you and your child can choose the school clothes the next day. It is a good habit to take and it will prevent many quarrels or morning crises and start the day more relaxed.

The photo of the first day of school: consider spending a moment in your morning to take some pictures before leaving for school. Make sure you do not forget to charge your device the night before and check if there is any space left on the memory card. This applies to both a phone and a tablet. There is no shortage of photo ideas for the “first day of school”. A quick online search will give you thousands of results.

Primary school
the beginning of elementary school can be exciting and intimidating for children and their parents. A good start to the school year can influence your child’s behavior; play on his confidence and performance, both academically and socially. But moving from summer activities to school routine can be stressful for everyone.


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