Social networking sites – an unavoidable part of our daily life

Today, everyone knows the basic concept of social networking.

Using technology to create and maintain personal and business ties are referred to as social networking. Some websites enable people and businesses to connect to build connections and share information, ideas, pictures, and messages. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the massively popular social networking sites ruling our social lives for years.


Family members and friends who live far away can touch personal social networking sites such as Facebook. People can also connect with people, especially strangers who have similar interests. Individuals may connect via groups, lists, and the usage of hashtags. They may post photographs and status updates about what’s going on in their life. But is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram safe anymore?

What Facebook exactly has on you?

It’s mind-boggling how much Facebook have about you!

Everything from photographs and texts to the mobile phone numbers of everyone on your phone is more than Facebook management. They also have all of your text messages from your cell phone. This is why people seek Facebook alternatives where privacy is protected and private information is never shared or sold to other firms or organizations.

Is it really necessary to switch to another social networking site?

Yes! It is.

All these popular social networking platforms provide you with few things common: your oh-so-in-love couple pals, creepy coworkers or fellows who Like every single one of your photos, and never-ending baby photographs.

These are enough reasons to consider moving to a more private network to reduce your social networking or to avoid being interacted with your boss, strangers, or people whom you know but don’t like at all on Twitter, Insta, and Facebook.


Join an emerging social networking site to connect with your friends:

You may be surprised to know that other social networks and messaging applications available may be used in place of Facebook. These networks and applications still have been living in the shadow of Facebook, but now is the moment to investigate a better means of communicating with friends and family without having to worry about your data kept on massive servers in far-flung locations or from being stolen. is a private social network that ensures a secure platform for you where you always have a place to exchange photographs, participate in a collaborative project for work or school, or plan a local charity event.


It is a kind of “civilized social network” that aims to create and open ways to employment, be a place where discussions and unfolding stories are the exclusive emphases and a platform where you can get original and fresh blogs and articles. It’s a location where you may connect with others who have similar or identical interests to you. collects certain information, but it is solely used to construct your profile. They do not disclose any of your personal information to other parties. It is a wonderful alternative to Facebook that allows you to share your photos with stunning filters to those who are important to you.


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