How to design a wall mural?

You hear so much about interior decoration that you propose new ideas has become a difficult task. But, Mural Wallpaper UK has really racked your brains to offer you a new original decoration: wall murals.

A mural gives life to a room. It gives it a unique atmosphere. It’s really a personal approach that you do so take into account the opinions of everyone to avoid conflict. But if you are alone, give it to your heart’s content. Who can stop you?


What we are proposing is not just to change the color of your wall, but to offer a new story to a room. How to make this possible?


We have some fresco ideas:

  • Play the humor card with a hilarious drawing,
  • Play the narcissistic card with an improbable (but cool) portrait of you
  • Represent a beautiful landscape, like a sunset, etc.


Leave room for your imagination because everything is possible. Besides the aesthetic side, a wall mural requires a certain investment, it’s time and money, so take the time to think before you start.

The best places to make a mural?

To have the idea of ​​making a mural is very good, but what is even better is to know where you will do it. At the editorial we think that the living room, the bedroom and the entrance hall are perfect places for an original decoration. You’d like to know why?

The living room 

Firstly, the living room is the room where you spend three-quarters of your time, as well as creating a unique and pleasant atmosphere, to appreciate all the moments that you will spend there. Then, to impress your friends when they spend an aperitif, there is no better. Whatever design you choose, it will create a unique atmosphere in your living room. Keep in mind that the goal is to beautify not ugly!


We think second in the bedroom, because we assume that, like us, you have at one point envied the decorations of the show D & CO.

The entry hall

And finally, the lobby because it is too often a neglected place in our homes. We do not imply that your lobby is “ugly”, only that it lacks perhaps a little cachet …

At this stage of reading we hope to have convinced you. And if that’s the case, what you really want, you’re told how to proceed.

How to make a mural?

Dear fans of decoration, before you embark on the new decoration of your apartment, there are a few things to do:

  • Clean the wall you are going to repaint (with soapy water)
  • Plug the holes in the wall and remove the nails and screws
  • Protect the floor and furniture nearby
  • Put on comfortable clothes
  • Air the room


Here are the tools you will need:

  • The acrylic depending on the model and pallets
  • Tracing paper
  • Paintbrushes
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • An overhead projector

Now you are finally ready to start.

Step 1 : Apply an undercoat of paint to better hold your mural. Wait 24 hours before applying the second coat of paint.

Step 2 : Make a high-definition color copy of the artwork you have chosen

Step 3 : Also make a black and white copy of this template that you will place on the transparency of your overhead projector .

Step 4 : Position your projector to be the size you want on your wall. Note that the more the retro will be far, the more your fresco will be big. With distance, the model loses in definition that’s why you must have a clear illustration from the beginning.

Step 5 : On the wall, draw the contours of your future pencil fresco, you can note the colors in the big parts if you wish.

Step 6 : All you have to do is paint inside the outlines . Refer often to the color model to avoid mistakes. For more precision, we advise you to use a fine brush and especially to take your time. Anyway, it will take time so patience, patience … the end result will be all the more beautiful.


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