How to choose your lock?


What are the different types of lock?

A lock is chosen depending on its destination and the level of burglary resistance desired if it is installed on a door leading to the outside. Before focusing on the resistance of the lock, it is necessary to determine its type:

  • Button and the lock can be realized only inside. This type of lock provides additional security to a door that already has a lock and requires a second independent locking. The button lock can be useful for rooms in the home that require extra locking from the inside;


  • Button and cylinder, for a button lock inside and key outside. This type of lock is suitable for entrance doors or any room that is to be locked;


  • Double cylinder or double entry for better protection. No more button question, everything goes through the key. The second advantage is that the cylinder, round or profiled, can be changed independently of the lock – to check on each model;


  • To code for keyless locks. Battery operated; code locks have a backup key and can be reprogrammed.

A point on the vocabulary of locks

To better understand the operation of a lock, define the commonly used words.

  • Cylinder: also called barrel or barrel, cylindrical or profiled, it composes the lock and constitutes the locking system. The bit is what is actuated by the key; it allows the movement of the bolt.


  • Chest: in a latch, outer part that encloses the entire locking mechanism.


  • Bolt: massive moving part that allows locking when it stops in the striker. The bolt is what comes out and returns from the lock following key and button movements.


  • Strike: on the fixed part of an opening, metal part forming housing where the bolt engages to close or lock.


Other features to consider about locks?

The trunk is usually made of epoxy pressed steel and its size is relative to the cylinder and the bolt.

Choosing a branded cylinder lock is the guarantee of having a good quality cylinder.

The installation of the lock, that is to say the good fastening of the box on the door and the strike on the wall is essential to ensure a good protection.

safety lock can be in point in which case it is called lock point. A cremone is then actuated by the mechanism and completes the locking . The bolt is generally more massive since this type of lock is above all safe.

Several locks can open with one key, they are usually sold in pairs.


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