DMV Written Test

The DMV written test:

At the DMV office, you first queue for a form to fill out: the DL44 (you can have it mailed in advance if you wish). Once completed, you will be queued to verify that it is full and assign you a pass number.

You wait in a corner that we call you.

At this time, you must provide:

The completed form

The passport with the visa and the DS2019

The marriage certificate for the J-2 (to prove the link with the J-1 and to justify not having a SSN)

After the file is validated, you will be given a vision test (we hide an eye and then read the letters on a panel above the DMV employee) and you must pay (check or cash) the cost of permit: application fee, which is $ 26.

You then go back to another queue to have your picture taken and give your fingerprints then you can finally access the examination room…

Oh, nothing scary, tables at bar height with booths for not cheat. You are given a pen and a form (there are 3 different ones) and you have plenty of time to answer them. The number of faults allowed depends on the difficulty of the test and there are 36 questions.

I was entitled to 5 faults.

If you miss the DMV written test, you can iron it again two more times with the other two forms.

You can pass the test in French, but it’s risky because the translations are uncertain and you are entitled to fewer mistakes!

BRAVO! You passed! You have passed your written test! You are given a piece of paper with your name on it and your license number. This paper is provisional and you have 1 year to validate your license by passing the driving test: Behind the wheel test.

All inclusive, the stage can take you several hours at the DMV.

With the permit number, you can already insure your car (promising to validate the permit within 30 days …)

Note: this “temporary” permit already allows driving. This is especially for training for the driving test!

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