Alternative flowers to avoid pollen allergies

Flowers are our forever companions, but pollens can make us away from blooms. Are sola wood flowers a solution?

When looking at a flower, you’ll notice that the pollen grains are small and irregularly shaped in appearance. In plants and trees, pollen grains are the reproductive organ of the male. They’re whirling in the air and on insects’ legs to join the female half of the plant and form a new seed. They’re quite small and plants produce pollen to aid in pollination, which is why they can’t reproduce until pollinated. Plants will produce no seeds or fruit if pollination does not occur.

But do you know there is an alternative story of these pollens too!

Pollens are one of the most frequent allergens, pollen, affects millions of individuals and if you’re also allergic to pollen, you’re not alone.

How pollen allergy effects?

Pollen allergy sufferers’ immune systems misidentify innocuous pollen as a potentially harmful invader. It starts making compounds to combat the pollen. This is referred to as an allergic reaction, and the specific pollen responsible is an allergen. There are several annoying side effects such as sneezing, stuffy nose, and watering eyes.

Allergy patients should avoid plants in the Asteraceae family because its pollen is light and powdery, making it easy to spread through the air. Allergy complaints are more common in plants pollinated by wind than in plants predominantly by bees and other insects.

Can we leave flowers to avoid pollens?

Flowers are beautiful, gorgeous, and delightful. The most important events (from birth to death) of human life are simply incomplete without flowers. Because flowers are such an important part of weddings and home décor, how can flower-loving brides protect themselves from the negative effects of flower pollen allergies?

The good news is that not every flower causes an allergic reaction. Hybridization reduces pollen production and irritability, so a low pollen count means a more pleasant experience for the end-user. The most magnificent blooms are frequently hybridized, so there is a wide range of stunning plants. These plants have the added advantage of producing more pollen while also attracting bees and other pollinators.

Even if there are numerous flower species whose pollen will not harm you, going with sola wood flowers will meet your goal for natural beauty on your most essential life occasions and house decoration if you’re that cautious and want entirely risk-free flowers.

Sola flowers are made by hand from tapioca plant fibres that are too thin and flexible to eat. Because of its capacity to distribute aroma, sola wood, one of the lightest woods in the world, was initially used to build beautiful toppers for some oil bottles. Because sola wood is a natural product, wooden flowers are environmentally friendly and are also 100% biodegradable. The sola wood flowers have a foamy texture and were initially made in ivory, but dyeing them with diluted acrylic paints is simple. Wood flowers and bouquets, such as those made by Sola Flores, are inexpensive, durable, and give the wedding industry a touch of class and a breath of fresh air.

With the long-lasting qualities of sola wood flowers, wedding planners, florists, and décor consultants can now use these to create truly unique wedding arrangements regularly. Wedding planners and the wedding industry like Sola wooden flowers’ year-round availability of a diverse range of blossoms.

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