8 tips for living happy


One day or another, in our lifetime, we are confronted with existential questions and questioning. The trials, the unfortunate events, the various irritants that come our way have a great influence on our progress. How can we stay positive in the face of adversity? Some people have predispositions to happiness, others will need psychological support or medical assistance during a depression.
Here are some ways for finding happiness.

1. Forget the past

Living in the moment! At the risk of being saturated by this concept, it is nevertheless a council more than precious. We cannot change the past, often punctuated by unfortunate events that we regret. Ruminating these thoughts prevents us from living serenely and positively.

As for the future, we do not know anything about it and we can not guarantee it. To live fully in the present moment by accomplishing all the tasks attached to it enables us to appreciate the life and the riches that it offers us.

2. Believe in yourself

To stop seeking the approval of others and to trust one’s own convictions is not easy. We want to satisfy everyone, for a need of love and for fear of rejection. Self-reliance requires patience and indulgence towards oneself, but when it is attained, it becomes an invaluable force for coping positively with life.

3. Appreciate what life offers us

Nothing is perfect, we all know it. It is beneficial to learn to enjoy every moment, to savor every moment. People who have gone through hardships opt for this fresh look on life. When we are afraid of losing everything, the details take on their importance. If we are rarely ill, if our relations with our loved ones are harmonious and if our work satisfies us, we are privileged.

4. Forgive

Learning to forgive is an act that frees us from negative feelings that can contaminate our lives. Of course, there is no question of approving the wrongdoing, but rather of understanding it. All the energy spent feeding our resentment towards those who have hurt us is a poison to the soul. To forgive is to realize that we are all human beings.

5. Exploit talents

The ambition well balanced in order to succeed is extremely positive, because the feeling of accomplishment is really satisfying. Exploiting our talents in order to create becomes a gift for ourselves, a gift that we can share with others.

6. Helping others while preserving themselves

It is very rewarding to listen to others, to provide support and empathy. However, it is essential to protect yourself against the aggression and negativity of the person in distress. If we become the receptacle of the negative emotions and frustrations of others, we risk carrying this heaviness within us. This is often the case for professionals in care who are exposed to this kind of situation. If they do not preserve themselves, they eventually face depression. You have to learn to be empathetic and attentive while understanding that the problems of others belong to them and that it is up to them to deal with them.

7. Bring a positive look to others

We can always improve our relationships with those around us, our family members and friends, accepting them as they are and appreciating their qualities rather than focusing on them.

8. Laugh

When we were kids, every opportunity was good to laugh. Adult life and its lot of stress today prevent us from laughing and even sometimes from smiling. Several studies show the beneficial effects of laughter to chase away negative thoughts and counteract the consequences of stress. Unlike anxiety that accelerates the heart rate, laughter triggers more respiratory exchanges facilitating a better oxygenation of the blood. When we are stressed, our muscles are tense. Laughter causes muscular relaxation at the level of the body as a whole. Researchers seem to say that a giggle equals ten minutes of complete relaxation!


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