4 tips to become good at math

Becoming good in math is the goal of many students. But before we begin, let’s agree on one point: everyone does not have the same facilities with mathematics. It is undeniable that some people are more suited to this discipline than others. But the skills are not everything, the method used when you do math is very much important. So, for lack of math skills, I will try to bring you some methods to show you how to do my statistics homework or mathematics easily.

Do not learn, understand!

The first thing to do, I think, to become good in math is not to learn math, but to understand them! By understanding, I mean being able to explain the reasoning.

I have seen too many of my classmates spend time foolishly learning formulas, properties, theorems without understanding what they meant. This way of doing things is very inefficient because, in addition to quickly forgetting the things learned that they do not understand the meaning, they will not know when to use them because they will not understand what they are used for.

The only way to do that is to understand: to try to understand where the reasoning comes from, what it’s used for, how it works. Understanding can be longer than learning (on the moment anyway), but in the end, understanding is the only way to succeed in math.

Moreover, you will see that it is 100 times easier to find results (formulas) than you will have understood, rather than results that you will have learned. Because to understand a reasoning is to appropriate it, a bit like it was you who found it.

Do exercises

The second point is to do exercises. This is the only way to see if we have understood reasoning. It allows using it, to appropriate it.

As I think you know how to do exercises, I do not detail this part anymore. However, I have a comment to make: do not do tons and tons of exercises, it is useless either. Stop when you do not make mistakes and think you really understand. Otherwise, if you still make mistakes, review your class and do the exercises you did not do.

Do not look at the solutions

This is a really essential point! Do not look at the solutions of the exercises, or at least, only tips of solutions. Butter on a problem is the best way to remember and understand. Do not stop looking until you get this click, this little illumination that allows us to solve a complicated problem.

As far as I am concerned, it is the solutions that I find on my own, without help, that I remember the best and that make me progress, not the solutions that we are given.

Try to restart everything

Finally, to finish, the last point is to try to restart everything. This is a very good way to understand the mathematical tools / concepts you use, because all mathematical formulas are used without even knowing why they are true and why they can be used. If you are not good in math or statistics, you can get statistics help online.



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