25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts-How to celebrate!

25th year, it’s your silver wedding. Understand: your 25 years of marriage. So many years together, it’s a celebration, is not it? With family, friends or lovers, here are some ideas to celebrate the event recommended by www.abelprasad.com


Why celebrate 25 years of marriage?

25 years of marriage, it is a symbolic duration. 25 years of joys, misfortunes, everyday life … Almost a life! Traditionally, the silver wedding was the first celebration. It is very often linked to a turning point in the life of the lovers: the passage to the fifties, the taking of autonomy of the children, the desire to become grandparents … So many stages that invite to celebrate as it should this Beautiful Anniversary.. In the family sphere, friendly or both together, the couple gives again to see the solidity of his love. It’s time for celebration, laughter and gifts!. Couples celebrate 1st, 5th, 10th. They buy traditional gifts for their life partners i.e. wood is traditional 5 year anniversary gift for her.

How to celebrate his silver wedding?

The 25 years of marriage, it is celebrated very often with family and friends. We find ourselves at thirty, fifty or even a hundred (!) People depending on the orientation we want to give to the event. Some couples even choose to invite their co-workers, their long-time friends … to celebrate with dignity!

Around fifty, you are at the top of your form, so enjoy organizing a real fiesta. After deciding who to invite or not, choose a theme for the evening (or day). The last vacation, a common passion, a hobby or just love, not forbidden! On invitations, tables, towels, in the deco, the theme is everywhere, as a thread.

For entertainment, plan shows, songs, games, dances … All this organization is likely to take you back 25 years! The advantage? If, at the time, you could not achieve the wedding of your dreams, it is time to catch up.

But it is quite possible that the big holidays do not attract you. No problem. Organize a meal in the restaurant with your family close, or concotez for the occasion a fabulous meal in love.

What gift to offer?

For the silver wedding, the loved ones of the couple very often set up a kitty that will serve for a pleasure purchase, a trip for example. Making a personal gift is more complicated, but the children can easily carry out a photo montage, a film … to recall pleasant moments. Traditionally, it is also fashionable to offer a cash gift. Traditional anniversary gifts for couples for her have more importance thank modern gifts.

Another Best idea for this anniversary is name a star. In this way, you can register a star and get a gift on the name of your life partner. So it is the best way to get a fantastic gift.

As for the more intimate gift, from husband to husband, everything is a story of taste and sensitivity. But if you are lacking in inspiration, here are some ideas: for sir, silver cuff links will be of the best effect; For Madame, a beautiful jewel, also silver, will mark this symbolic anniversary. To put some fancy and romance into the event, why not offer twenty-five small gifts to the elected of your heart for all these years?

Whether you choose a great party or for a meal in a restaurant, or even prepared with love in your cozy nest, the main thing is to celebrate your silver wedding in the image of your love that has lasted for 25 years.

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