Why all types of coaches & trainers need health & wellness certification?

Health and wellness certification is an attempt to self-regulate the coaching and training industry to provide access to the coaches and trainers towards well-run and well-designed programs. There are three types of wellness certifications:

  • Health coach certifications
  • Personal/fitness training certification
  • Wellness program certification

Most coaches and trainers feel no need for this certification, but is it really not necessary to get it???

Certification is all about being more professional in your field. Getting any of these certifications regarding health and wellness makes you more experienced, confident, and qualified at doing your job.  Having a health coach or personal training certification provides evidence of your knowledge about what you are doing. It is an effective way to prove the employer that you do not suggest any un-proven or unsafe health practice.

This certification proves that you are a certified health professional and it builds an environment of trust between you and the client. Your employer or client builds trust in you and they have an assurance that the training with you will be effective, safe, and professional.

Spencer Institute:

Spencer Institute is offering a 100% online ‘’Master health & Wellness coach Certification’’. This training and certification program is about a complete career system that also provides ongoing support. Spencerinstitute.com trains with official digital manual, easy to follow training videos, lectures and interviews of coaching industry experts, and multiple-choice online exam.

Spencerinstitute.com uses motivational interviewing principles to enhance your skills of motivating and encouraging your clients. The aim of this certification is providing effective tools and techniques to the professional coaches and trainers to prepare them to meet the varied needs of their clients. Spencer Institute is revolutionizing the coaching industry by allowing their trained coaches and trainers to come out of the dullness of corporate cubical and start their own online home-based wellness center.

Providing happiness, empowerment, and confidence to the trainees is the aim of spencerinstitute.com and it is the perfect way to transform the lives of professionals for the greater.


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