Many people don’t understand the value of the fire risk assessment, and it’s safety measures. As we are living in highly exposed environment to almost every hazard so it requires a strict fire safety measure that can help us in protecting buildings and blocks from being exposed to fire hazards.

Government emphasis our citizens to look after precautionary measures of fire protection and don’t overlook the fire risk assessments. The carelessness of these measures can result in unnecessary exposure to fire, risking hazards and, unfortunately, loss of lives.

Since if you don’t have much knowledge about fire risk assessment and it is essential, we will help you in understanding its importance.


A precautionary review is taken for building to assess fire risk, plus they also offer some safety recommendations to make the building safe, which is quite necessary.

If the building has some operational purposes, it requires the documentation of fire risk assessment in writing, as it is always mandatory. However, if less than5 occupants are present in the building, then the written documentation is not necessary.

The benefits of written documentation are that it gets quite easy for communication purposes, and it also ensures that every recommendation is carried out properly.

However, some situations require the written documentation quite necessary even if there are less than five occupants. These are:

  • You are instructed to do so by the fire brigade ( for instance, after visiting)
  • If your premises required to have a licence.

Some of the main findings and actions must be recorded after taken.

If you want to have a fire risk free building, then these recommendations must be acted upon to keep your building safe efficiently.


According to the law, every building and block should have its individuals as a “Responsible Person” for the building’s fire and safety management.

The job of this individual concludes of ensuring that all the fire safety assessment task has been conducted right and all the mandatory steps have been taken to prevent such fire situations from occurring to prevent death or injuries.

The responsible person has to ensure that a valid fire risk assessment has been carried out in a building covering common areas like stairwells and corridors. Other than that, the residential area doesn’t come into the job of the responsible person. Residences are responsible for it on their own for the safety of their flats from fire.

We encourage many small business owners to have these fire risk assessments as they don’t find them mandatory, leading them to a long loss of life and money.



Your life safety should be one of your biggest concern, whether you are at your workplace or at your own home. We encourage you to have a safe environment for yourself and for your children as you should take all the precautionary measures to not to have a fire riskin flats. Try down all the fire risk assessment precautionary steps with you as your life is what matters the most.


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