Tips for choosing the perfect printer for my business


Digitization is becoming more prevalent over time. However, there are some things that it can never replace, like the printer. Indeed, the printer is an essential tool for every company. There are many documents that must exist in paper format, such as contracts or invoices.

Before setting your sights on any printer, it would be nice to study several settings, because not all printers are suitable for your business. If you have a small business (one or two employees), you will not choose the same machine as a company with 100 employees and vice versa.

Here are some tips recommended by Printing Company Leicester to consider before choosing your office printer.

For Home Job

If for personal or professional reasons you have chosen to establish yourself at home, then necessarily your need for printing will be less. In this case, opt for a simple inkjet printer. Similarly, for paper , choose a standard grammage (between 70g and 100g). Do not forget the connections. Indeed, more and more printers are equipped with Bluetooth technology. Thanks to it, even if you are the only one using the printer, it will not have to be stuck to your computer.

You share your office

Nowadays, small entrepreneurs can opt for sharing premises at a lower cost. However, it will be necessary to think of the optimal equipment. How many people will need a printer? What types of business? Once these issues are resolved, you will be better able to know the printer you need – certainly a laser printer. But be sure to take a Bluetooth printer and connect it to a common network so that every member of the office can use it.

Independent company

If you run a small business, the inkjet printer remains the best option, even if it takes longer to print than a laser printer. But your need for printing is reduced so it will save you money on the cost of ink cartridges that can now print up to 9000 pages in black and white. Again, a wireless printer will be useful and will allow your few employees to be also connected to your printer.

Big business

If you have to manage a large company, do not panic. To begin, opt for a laser printer because it can print a larger amount of paper. Depending on the number of employees, you may need an additional printer. To make your choice easier, choose a multifunction printer to scan, fax and print at once. So plan for a print area where you can store machinery and supplies such as ink cartridges and paper.

The choice of a printer is not to be taken lightly. Size of the company, budget allocated for printing and space needed in the premises. In short, think about studying all these parameters before you start looking for the ideal printer for your business.


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