The golden rules for sleeping your baby

“Sleeping like a baby?” The expression is a little abusive. Because it is in the first six months of your child that the phases of sleep and the periodicity day / night are put in place, sometimes irregularly. Our advices to accompany and help your baby to prepare a quality sleep are following.

Our tips to help your baby sleep

Sleeping baby in her room

It’s possible when you return from maternity. Anyway, eventually, your baby must have his own room or possibly share it with his brother or sister. Your room is the place of your intimacy that he will learn to respect. But if you are anxious, in the first weeks, you can put baby sleep pod: being close to parents reassures him (and feel near you reassures you) and as long as he sucks at night, it is also easier for you.

 Room temperature at the right

Homes are often overheated while the temperature of the room where your baby sleeps should not exceed 18 ° C. Indeed, it does not regulate its temperature yet and does not know how to discover itself alone. So watch out for hyperthermia!

To sleep baby in a well adapted bed

The beds with adjustable bed frame have a special infant position. The mattress must be firm, perfectly adapted to the dimensions of the bed and the box spring. If there is a quilted side, place it on it. The first few weeks, you can also do sleep in a crib or a bassinet.

A single teddy in the bed

Do not multiply soft toys and soft toys of any hair in bed. A single soft toy is enough. It should not be too big and should be placed in a corner of the bed, not too close to his face.

With or without night light

At this age, babies are not afraid of the dark! It is a fear that rarely arises before 8 or 12 months and does not affect all children. If you put a night light , it will be especially useful for you to locate in the room. Choose it soft and tenuous.

A baby monitor in the room

The baby monitor can be very reassuring for young parents anxious … You are warned (e) the slightest babbling and the first crying. Do not go see it immediately, but you’ll wake up really well, but stay alert. No way to use it as a babysitter and go shopping: no model is planned for that!

Always put your baby on your back

Your baby should sleep in the center of the bed, lying on his back and his face clear to breathe freely. This position prevents sudden infant death.


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