A lot of people face difficulties in protecting their fragile pieces of equipment, glassware, and besides much expensive material. There are several options to protect your belonging while providing padding and surface protection. Among protective materials, bubble wrap is the most used option. Bubble wrap the most suitable durability and elasticity, it comes in every size and type, ideal for your use in every situation.

From Where To Get The Best Bubble Wrap

Bubble wraps have been produced widely around the globe but Malaysia offers the best quality product of bubble wrap and can be kept for a long duration without any damage to it. A lot of bubble wraps are also manufactured using high-quality plastic and making them reusable.

Different Types Of Bubble Wrap :

1:Standard Bubble wrap

The most commonly used popular packaging provides the best protection to sensitive material with a breakable surface not to break. Bubble wrap comes in different sizes, such as Rolls and small bags, and can accommodate different items easily.

2:Foam-Backed Bubble Wrap

Foam-backed bubble wrap is better than standard bubble wrap. It used for the products with the most sensitive touch, maintaining cushioning effect and extra protection. For shifting purposes, it is best, because it can easily move around the container without causing any damage.

3:Self-Adhesive Bubble Wrap

These are an economical alternative to Standard bubble wrap and double-sided tape.  It is used for sensitive items such as glassware, TV screens, sensitive products, furniture. The adhesive material of this bubble wrap allows it to remain intact to the surface of the material and it can easily come out, unlike the double-sided tape.

4:Anti-Static Bubble Roll

Anti-static bubble roll is ideal for transportation of electronic products using regular plastic bubble wrap causes static shocks are known as electrostatic discharge (ESD) it can be ideal for electronic gadgets such as laptop and smartphones as well as heavy machinery. It also comes in pink, for easy identification.

Final Words

If you’re looking for bubble wrap for all your packaging supply needs, take a look at humipak’s website for protective packaging, they provide high-quality bubble wrap products.

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