How to do App store optimization ASO?

With the development of mobile connectivity, more and more people are using mobile apps every day. They mostly discover these applications directly on apps stores and therefore mainly on Google Play and App Store. As a result, the question of referencing these applications becomes more and more important, even crucial.

Indeed, the application store algorithms take into account several criteria for classifying and referencing mobile applications. Among these, the quality of the application, the optimization of keywords, comments and notes are obviously essential elements. If you don’t know even little about it, you should choose one of the best App store optimization services on the internet.

So, here are some tips to optimize the ASO of its application in the apps stores.

Look after the quality of the application

Today, we have more than 1 million mobile apps in the App Store and Google Play. It’s a growing market.

Before getting a place in this market in full boiling, your application will have to be very neat. Indeed, the choice is such that an application of poor quality will inevitably be zapped by users in favor of competition. And it must be said: it is rough!

  • First, an application must provide a useful service and meet an existing need. Indeed, an application that does not meet a specific problem will have a hard time attracting users, the latter looking for an application for a well-defined need. A mobile application must be singular, an indispensable element to arouse interest. Due to the rapid evolution of the mobile application market, it is important to ask the right questions in relation to the innovative side of your business. These criteria of innovation (of singularity) and utility are practically indissociable to make the notoriety of an application. It is possible to have a completely innovative application, but that serves … nothing.
  • In addition, the user experience has now become a major factor for users in the App Store Optimization. We estimate that most people who abandon an application after a few days of tests were simply disappointed with the bugs recorded. In the same way, if users do not quickly understand how to use the application, they will delete it. On this level, the mobile users are ruthless and do not hesitate to go elsewhere if the speed of navigation and that of the loading of the pages are lacking.
  • Knowing that the retention rate is now a key element in the SEO of mobile applications, it is important to ensure the fluidity of your mobile application. For that, it will be necessary to program it so that the photos and videos which are used there do not slow down its use , and this without sacrificing to the quality of their restitution on the application.
  • The weight of the application is also a significant element in the ASO or App Store Optimization, because mobile users do not like applications too heavy and energy-consuming. As a result, they will be less likely to download applications that require a large storage space as well as a significant download time. Know that several applications have had better download figures after a “slimming cure”!
  • A little trick of Growth-hackerto regularly update your application, is also a good way to create a form of notification and return to the good memory of the mobile user.

Optimize keywords

After having developed an application that is technically flawless, innovative and useful, we must ensure the proper optimization of keywords. Indeed, thinking about the keywords that will appear in your description is essential to appear among the best search results.

For this, we must start by defining 2 or 3 keywords with very high potential. Then take the time to position the keyword in the app store.

In fact, the ASO or App Store Optimization is quite similar with SEO on Google. But the competition on the download platforms is even more severe. For example, on Google Play, search results show only 2 apps. It will then bet on a quality SEO on 2 or 3 specific keywords instead of trying to exist on several keywords of average quality.

For better positioning, place your keywords in the presentation title of the app and about 5 times in the body of the description. Do not forget to fill in the keywords in the fields provided for this purpose, especially concerning the iOS platform.


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