Complete Guide to the Jamaican Black Castor Oil

You can imagine that as a big fan of castor oil, I looked at the subject to learn more about Carapate oil. Of course, I will share my discoveries with you: The complete guide to the Jamaican Black castor Oil .

The secrets of carapate oil

The oil of carapate or more often called English Jamaican black Castor Oil has been used for centuries as a remedy against a wide range of ailments, for example, skin problems and joint pain.

This dark oil, rich in nutrients, comes out as its sister of the pressure of castor seeds. And it has the same properties on the hair as classic castor oil:

  • Restorative virtues
  • A stimulation of the growth of hair

But, then what is the difference between these two castor oil?

Difference between yellow and black castor oil

The two oils come from the same source: the castor seed. However, while conventional castor oil is derived from the cold pressure of these seeds, the carapate oil comes from a somewhat more complex process.

Before being pressed, the seeds are first roasted before being boiled. It is only after these 2 cooking that they are pressed to obtain this oil to the color so particular.

This color comes from the ashes that come to mix with the oil during the manufacture. Far from being an impurity, these ashes sublimate the properties of the oil when used on the hair.

Use of carapate oil for hair

This is the key to this oil: the hair. It will provide a solution to the majority of problems related to hair or scalp.

These are the nutrients that the jamaican black castor oil contains that will act brilliantly on the hair and leather during a course of several weeks. This black oil will also stimulate blood circulation, and protect you from mycoses and bacteria through effective anti-bacterial properties.

Here is a list of all the properties of the jamaican black castor oil on your hair:

  • Increased Shoot Speed
  • Repairs hair that is too dry, damaged or weakened
  • Prevents forks
  • Increases hair volume
  • Repairs dry or irritated scalp
  • Prevents and heals dandruff

But like traditional castor oil, its benefits are not limited to hair. You can also use it to:

  • Increase the size of your eyelashes
  • Soften and moisturize the skin
  • Care for dry skin and cracks
  • Cleans skin and tightens pores
  • Acne Treatment

A wide panel to treat you from head to foot with carapat oil.

The pros and cons of jamaican black castor oil

Let’s start with

This oil has undeniable virtues including superior effects than traditional castor oil for your hair and scalp. This is due to the richness of the nutrients collected when the seeds are roasted.
The carapate oil will surround your hair with a protective layer to keep your hair soft and lush longer.

Unlike modern products, the Jamaican black castor oil is richer in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. This will keep your hair healthy and, of course, it’s all natural.

Now the counter

The carapate oil has a slight burning odor, while its counterpart has no odor. But many people appreciate this smell often comparing it to grilled coffee beans.

The color may slow down some people who do not have brown or black hair. It should nevertheless know that in no case, this oil does not color the hair. (I have searched a lot on this subject and I have not found a case).

It is important to note that Jamaican black castor oil should not be used as a dietary supplement. It should only be used on the outer parts of your body.
If you want to use castor oil in your keto diet opt ​​for traditional castor oil.


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