Benefits of wearing jewelry for ashes of a loved one

Once a relative, friend or loved one disappears from our lives, the only way to honor it is to remember it in the best possible way. Knowing that, even though he is not with us, he sees us from somewhere or is still around in some way.

Until not too long the most traditional way to keep the memory of that loved one were the funeral urns, keeping their ashes inside them. But, nowadays, there is a more personal and close way of having our deceased close to us: Cremation Jewelry or pendants to store hair.

If they do not sound like anything or if you’ve heard about them and you’re curious, you’ve come to the right place. In this article we will explain everything you need to know about them, their benefits and the different types that exist. Once you read the article, you will discover that there is no better way to honor those people you love so much and who are no longer there.

What are ash jewels?

Ash jewels are used to store ashes of the dead inside or for hair. They are pieces that you can take with you at all times, like any traditional jewel. In other words, they are jewels with ashes inside. They can be pendants in the form of cross, tear and other variants, for example.

These jewels with ashes of the dead represent one of the best tributes you can give to those deceased people who gave you everything. Carrying a jewel of that beloved person with you has multiple benefits, above other classic systems such as the funeral urn.

Benefits provided by jewelry for ashes of the deceased

Years ago cremation of deceased was rare. However, this trend is changing by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, there are more and more families that opt ​​for the cremation of their loved ones. Even in life, many people express their desire for this option and leave in writing what they want their loved ones to do with the ashes.

Some decide to keep the ashes of their deceased for the affection they have professed them. It may happen that the person who has died has been very important to you, one of the pillars of your life.

If you have lost one of the referents of your life such as a father, a mother, a brother or sister, a grandparent or grandmother, your spouse, would not you like them to be always with you? This is where ash jewelry plays an essential role.

These jewels will make you remember them more often, with more intensity and more affection.

Thanks to the jewels to keep ashes you will always carry close to your heart the person you loved so much. This will also comfort you and help you mitigate the pain your loss has caused.

You will feel more peace and tranquility with the presence at your side of that loved one who was always with you in the good and the bad. Your constant presence will help you to give your best.


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