7 safety tips for trips abroad


Visiting other countries is an unforgettable experience, which in addition to providing you with happiness will leave you with thousands of stories to tell. However, travelers can often be vulnerable to disappointment or fraud.

As is well known, going out to the world implies taking some risks but it is not necessary to be influenced by fear. The essential thing is to follow some travel safety tips to prevent risk situations:

  1. Use common sense

When you are on vacation, you often have a feeling of happiness and freedom that leads you to do things you would not normally do. For example, if you find yourself lost, do not ask for help at any location. Rather ask for the nearest police station and there they will tell you how to get to your destination. Pay attention to the people you take photographs to avoid tense situations and do not forget to go with caution at night.

  1. Take care of your valuable elements

It is good to have your belongings divided so that before a loss or theft the consequences are not so serious. Take your passport, valuables and money in a safe bag and when you are about to leave the hotel store it in the safe of the room. Do not make the mistake of having your passport all the time and if you share the room with other tourists leave everything locked in a locker or security compartment.

  1. Rate the experience of other users

Before traveling, use the Internet to read experiences of other travelers who have already visited the destination you want to visit. If you have questions, comment in specialized forums and the traveler community will respond. Find out about local scams and dangerous areas that you should not attend and in the same way ask for hotel and excursion recommendations.

  1. Traveler’s insurance

Travel insurance covers the problems you may suffer during a trip: not only health issues but also loss of luggage and personal documentation. There are different types of coverage and can be contracted for different periods of time.

  1. Vaccines

If you stay at any of the hotels you should not worry about these issues, but if you travel abroad you should corroborate all the necessary information to enter the country of destination. In addition to the visa and other documents, you can also learn about the necessary vaccinations to enter. It is recommended to be vaccinated at least 15 days before leaving because you may experience fever or decompensation.

  1. Friendships

It is not necessary to travel alone. If you are able to make friends easily try to organize tours or walks with trusted people. Do not forget to stay in permanent contact with family and friends, telling them about the places you visit or plan to meet and do not forget to mention where you are staying.

  1. Digitize your important documents

Before traveling, it is recommended that you scan and save in the cloud or in your email all your important documents: passport, credit cards, hotel reservations, air tickets, among others. If you lose this documentation, with this backup you will make the replacement much quicker and easier.


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